How to Cheat Resources (Minerals, Influence, Food)

A.K.A. How to be resourceful..?

Resources are a big part of Stellaris, so it's likely that you'll need to know how to use cheat codes to spawn them sooner or later. The command you can use to do this is the resource command. This guide will teach you four things:

You can open the console by pressing ` or ~. Click here if you are having trouble opening or using the console.

How to Use the Resource Command

The resource command is quite easy to use, and can be used for all 28 resources in the game. The syntax is as follows:

resource [name] [amount]

All you need to do is replace [name] with the name of the resource, and [amount] with the amount you wish to cheat in. To cheat in 15 Garanthium Ore, you'd type resource sr_garanthium 15 - 'sr_garanthium' is the ID for Garanthium Ore, you can find a list of all resources here.

Cheating Minerals

The ID for minerals in Stellaris is minerals (surprise, surprise). You can use this in the resource command like so:

resource minerals 10

The above command would give you 10 minerals. You can replace 10 with any number and you will be given that amount of minerals.

Cheating Influence

Influence has the ID influence in Stellaris. Like with minerals, you can use this with the resource command to cheat influence. An example is:

resource influence 5

The above cheat would add 5 influence. Changing the number 5 to another number would give you a different amount of influence - e.g. resource influence 48 would give you 48 influence.

Cheating Food

Like minerals and influence, the ID for food is unsurprisingly food. You can use this in the resource command like so:

resource food 11

Using the above command would credit you with 11 food. You can add more or less food by changing 11 to your desired amount.

If you'd like to find a list of resource IDs to use with the resource command, check out our resource list.


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