Stellaris research_all_technologies Command

research_all_technologies <Creature / Crisis>

This command will instantly research all non-repeatable technologies if no arguments are specified. See argument information for details on researching repeatable, crisis and creature technologies.

Name Description
Creature / Crisis

Optional. Specify '1' (or any other number) here to also research all creature and crisis technology.


  • research_all_technologies

    The above command is the same as 'research_all_technologies 0 0' - it will research all non-repeatable technology that isn't creature or crisis tech.

  • research_all_technologies 1 0

    This cheat would research all non-repeatable tech including creature and crisis technology.

  • research_all_technologies 1 1

    The above console command would instantly research all technology in the game, including repeatable, creature and crisis tech.

  • research_all_technologies 0 1

    This cheat researches all repeatable and non-repeatable technology that isn't creature or crisis tech.

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