Privacy Policy

How we handle your personal data is important.

This is our privacy policy. This policy is in place so that you can better understand how your data is used when you visit our website. It covers:

  • what data we collect from you
  • why we collect data from you (how we use it)
  • how we collect data from you
  • third parties that have access to any data we have collected, and why it is shared with those third parties
  • how long we keep your data for
  • the ways in which you can have any and all of the data we have collected from you deleted

This privacy policy applies to the following websites:

Stellaris Cheats -

Data Controller

DANTOO LTD (UK Company Number 11024573) owns and operates Stellaris Cheats ( and for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the data controller of this website.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or need to contact us, you can do so via:



The Data That We Collect, and Why

The only data that we collect from you when you visit this website is:

Your IP Address

Your IP address is collected by Google Analytics. It is collected so that we can gain insight into where in the world you are visiting this website from. It is also used to protect the integrity of the data we collect.


Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your browser when you visit a website. This text is stored in your browser and can be later used by the website that set the cookie to remember information about you. Common examples of saved information used by some websites (not necessarily ours) include a preferred language and other settings that would be specific to the browser you are using, like an account that you are logged in to.

At the bottom of this section, we have explained how you can go about deleting cookies from your browser.

This websites uses Google Analytics and Google AdSense, both of these services set cookies. Below we have outlined why they do this.

This Website

This website, exclusive of third party services like Google Analytics and ad providers, does not set any personally identifiable cookies. When pressing the "X" button on our cookie consent message we, ironically, set a cookie in your browser which allows our website to remember that you have closed the message, meaning it will not be shown to you again.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics sets first-party cookies so that it can report on the interactions of visitors of this website. We use this data to see how people are using our website (e.g. how long people are spending on it, how many pages they are visiting) so that we can improve the service we provide. Google's usage of this data is subject to their privacy policy, which can be found here. You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by installing a browser plugin, for more information on this, see

Google AdSense and DoubleClick

Google AdSense and DoubleClick set first-party cookies so that they can show personalised ads to you, which in most cases are more relevant and helpful to you. These ads are based on your previous visits to other websites.

You can opt out of personalised advertising at any time at the following places:

Google Ad Settings - This page can be used to opt out of ads served directly by Google. Third Party Vendor Advertising - This page can be used to opt out of personalised ads served by third party vendors, which may also show ads on our website. As with Google Analytics, how Google uses this data is subject to Google's own privacy policy which can be found at

Retention and Deletion of Collected Data

Google Analytics data associated with cookies, user identifiers, or advertising identifiers is kept for 26 months, and automatically deleted after this date (for visits from May 25, 2018 onwards). Google DoubleClick and AdSense may store data for as long as it is required. You can view the expiration date of a cookie via your browser settings.

To request deletion of data we have about your visits stored in Google Analytics, please email us at

Deleting and/or Managing Cookies

Most modern browsers have functionality for the management and deletion of any and all cookies set by websites that you visit. Please refer to the list below for help deleting cookies relative to the browser that you are using:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Edge

If you have any questions about the data we store, would like to request a copy of your own data, or need assistance with deleting cookies, do not hesitate to contact us via

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