Stellaris resource Command

resource <Resource ID> <Amount>

This command will credit you with the specified amount of resource points.

Name Description
Resource ID

The ID of the resource you wish to add - see our resource ID list for a list of all resources and their IDs.


The amount of the resource you wish to add. Use a negative number to remove resources.


  • resource

    The above command will credit you with the default amount of resource points - 5000.

  • physics 34

    Executing this command would give you 34 resource points.

Rare Crystals

One of the most commonly asked-after resources is the "Rare Crystals" resource. To cheat this resource, use the following command (change 100 to the amount of rare crystals you want to cheat):

resource rare_crystals 100

Consumer Goods

This command can be used to increase your Consumer Goods resource too. The below cheat would give you 100 Consumer Goods:

resource consumer_goods 100

Dark Matter

You can use the resource command to cheat Dark Matter. The following command would give you 100 Dark Matter:

resource sr_dark_matter 100

Volatile Motes

The resource command can be used to increase Volatile Motes. This cheat would add 100 Volatile Motes:

resource volatile_motes 100
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