Stellaris Run Command

General Information

This command will look for the specified file in the root directory of your game ("Paradox Interactive/Stellaris"), if the file is in the .txt format, you do not need to specify .txt at the end of the file name. The file should contain a list of commands (one on each line). Example: a file named "commandTest.txt" with the following text:
minerals 10
cash 5000
When the above file is ran with the run command ('run commandTest'), you would be given 10 minerals and 5000 energy credits.


run [file name]

File NameThe name of the file containing the commands you wish to run without the '.txt'. For example, to run 'commandlistfile.txt' you'd enter commandlistfile.


run commandTest

This command would run the list of commands in a file called commandTest.txt (the file must be located in your game's folder).