effect create_archaeological_site = Command Help

effect create_archaeological_site = <Archaeological Site ID>

This command creates the specified archeological site on the planet you currently have selected. Note that archaeological sites are unique and some can only be placed on specific planets.

More Help
Name Archaeological Site
Strange Asteroid asteroid_vault_1
Planetary Machinery planetary_mechanocalibrator
Ruins it_was_aliens_site
Ancient battle site ancient_battle_site
Mutant Fossils mutation_vats
City Of Bones city_of_bones
Subterranean Hollows the_host
Frozen Complex site_hidden_lab_a
Ruined Star System site_ruins_of_shallash
Relic Rails relicrails_digsite
Chthonic Siren leylines_digsite
The Endless Expanse endless_expanse_digsite
Ix Belen endless_expanse_digsite_2
Desiccated site_fumongus_dig
Seeds of Destruction site_rage_sage_dig
Message in the Canopy site_transformation_dig
Abandoned Colony Ruins zroni_digsite_1
Zroni Minor Colony zroni_digsite_2
Zroni Minor Colony zroni_digsite_3
Zroni Minor Colony zroni_digsite_4
Zroni Major Colony zroni_digsite_5
Zron zroni_digsite_6
Grunur Ruins grunur_digsite_1
The Barren baol_digsite_1
The Shattered baol_digsite_2
The Silenced baol_digsite_3
Ruined World omnirelic_site
Asteroid Blast Door site_command_center
Fossilized Remains site_hunting_ground
Ancient Tomb site_zarqlan
Moon Base site_minigalaxy_1
Abandoned Ecumenopolis site_minigalaxy_2
Gas Giant Structure site_star_petal
Robot Debris site_robot_debris
Crashed Starship site_freighter_crash
Moon Bump site_moon_bump
The Echoes Inside site_echoes_inside
Target From Orbit site_target_from_orbit
Hole in the Ground site_shot_into_the_ground
Too Angled site_cut_to_fit
D??j?? Vu Dig site_deja_vu_dig
Trench World site_trench_world
Any Other Rock site_ebb_and_flow
Beautiful Bubble site_sky_glow_hymn
Get Inside site_warmer_climates
Anyone Home? site_phoenix_collective
The Grand Herald site_grand_herald
Beneath the Waves site_hive_coral
Get to the Bottom site_orbital_rain
Dotted Archipelago site_fossilized_jellyfish
Popular Rock site_popular_rock
Strange Flows site_strange_flows
Never Forget site_lost_moments
Message in the Dust site_lesser_messenger
Whispers in the Stone lithoids_digsite
Kleptomaniac Rats rubricator_digsite
Hiddem Worlds oracle_digsite
The Sentinels sentinels_digsite
The Library site_the_library
Ruined Station site_percussive_maintenance
One Last Hope site_polaris_seed_vault
Weapons Cache site_tombworld_weapon_cache
From Gateway Sent site_from_gateway_sent
Ex Gravitas site_ex_gravitas
Something Waiting site_something_waiting
Buried Deep site_buried_deep
In Memoriam site_in_memoriam
The Last Stand site_the_last_stand
Dark Secret site_dark_secret
Benign Cover-Up site_benign_cover_up
Bury The Hatchet site_bury_the_hatchet
The Broken Gates broken_world_digsite
Homeworld Excavation clone_army_digsite

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