planet_class Command Help

planet_class <Planet Class>

This command will change the class of the planet you currently have selected to the specified planet class.

More Help
Name Planet Class
Viridescent Lightbringer pc_toxoid_star
Astral Scar pc_rift_star
Shattered World pc_shattered_2
Shattered World pc_shattered
Broken World pc_broken
Shrouded World pc_shrouded
Orbital Habitat pc_habitat
Shattered Ring World pc_shattered_ring_habitable
Ring World pc_ringworld_seam_damaged
Ring World pc_ringworld_seam
Ring World pc_ringworld_tech_damaged
Ring World pc_ringworld_tech
Ring World pc_ringworld_habitable_damaged
Ring World pc_ringworld_habitable
Pulsar pc_pulsar
Neutron Star pc_neutron_star
Black Hole pc_black_hole
Class T Brown Dwarf pc_t_star
Class M Red Giant pc_m_giant_star
Class M Star pc_m_star
Class K Star pc_k_star
Class G Star pc_g_star
Class F Star pc_f_star
Class A Star pc_a_star
Class B Star pc_b_star
Ring World pc_cybrex
Gaia World pc_gaia
Infested World pc_infested
AI World pc_ai
Shielded World pc_shielded
Machine World pc_machine
Hive World pc_hive
Tomb World pc_nuked
Frozen World pc_frozen
Toxic World pc_toxic
Barren World pc_barren_cold
Barren World pc_barren
Molten World pc_molten
Crystalline Asteroid pc_rare_crystal_asteroid
Ice Asteroid pc_ice_asteroid
Asteroid pc_asteroid
Gas Giant pc_gas_giant
Alpine World pc_alpine
Arctic World pc_arctic
Tundra World pc_tundra
Ocean World pc_ocean
Continental World pc_continental
Tropical World pc_tropical
Savanna World pc_savannah
Arid World pc_arid
Relic World Ancient Relics pc_relic
Shielded Segment Apocalypse pc_ringworld_shielded
Shielded Habitat Apocalypse pc_habitat_shielded
Nanite World Distant Stars pc_gray_goo
Cracked World Distant Stars pc_egg_cracked
Crystalline Asteroid Leviathans pc_crystal_asteroid
Ecumenopolis Megacorp pc_city

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