add_relic Command Help

add_relic <Relic ID>

This command gives you the relic with the specified ID. Specify 'all' (without quotes) to add all relics.

More Help
Name Relic
Blade of the Huntress r_ancient_sword
Cybrex War Forge r_war_forge
Ether Drake Trophy r_dragon_trophy
Extradimensional Warlock r_unbidden_warlock
Head of Zarqlan r_severed_head
Isolated Contingency Core r_contingency_core
Javorian Pox Sample r_pox_sample
Khan's Throne r_khans_throne
Maw of the Toxic Entity r_toxic_god
Miniature Galaxy r_galaxy
Prethoryn Brood-Queen r_prethoryn_queen
Psionic Archive r_zro_crystal
Scales of the Worm r_worm_scales
The Defragmentor r_the_defragmentor
The Galatron r_galatron
The Last Baol r_the_last_baol
The Omnicodex r_omnicodex
The Rubricator r_rubricator
The Surveyor r_surveyor
Vultaum Reality Perforator r_reality_perforator
Yuht Cryo Core r_cryo_core

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