Stellaris Resource List with IDs

A searchable list of all resources in Stellaris with their IDs for spawning into the game usings cheat codes. For help adding resources, please see our resources command guide, or visit the resource command page.

Name ID / Cheat Code
Energy Credits energy
Influence influence
Food food
Minerals minerals
Physics Research physics_research
Society Research society_research
Engineering Research engineering_research
Unity unity
Terraforming Gases sr_terraform_gases
Terraforming Liquids sr_terraform_liquids
Garanthium Ore sr_garanthium
Neutronium Ore sr_neutronium
Helium-3 sr_helium
Zro sr_zro
Living Metal sr_living_metal
Yurantic Crystals sr_yuranic
Teldar Crystals sr_teldar
Satramene Gas sr_satramene
Lythuric Gas sr_lythuric
Dark Matter sr_dark_matter
Alien Pets sr_alien_pets
Pitharan Dust sr_pitharan
Engos Vapor sr_engos
Orillium Ore sr_orillium
Riggan Spice sr_riggan
Betharian Stone sr_betharian
Muutagan Crystals sr_muutagan
XuraGel sr_xuran