casusbelli Command Help

This command initiates the Casus Belli with the specified ID against the specified empire.

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Name Casus Belli
Secession cb_secession
Hegemon cb_hegemon
Scion cb_scion
Event cb_event
Punishment cb_fe_punishment
Secret Fealty From Subject cb_allegiance
Ate their Star cb_end_threat_revenge_for_eaten_star
Ate Our Star cb_revenge_for_eaten_star
Self-Defense cb_end_threat_renegade_containment
Renegade Containment cb_renegade_containment
Counterattack cb_counterattack
Subject cb_subject
Containment cb_containment
Stop Colossus cb_stop_colossus
Colossus cb_colossus
Despoliation cb_despoliation
Hunger cb_hunger
Purification cb_purification
Sublimation cb_sublimation
Ideology cb_ideology
Animosity cb_humiliation
Subjugation cb_subjugation
Claim cb_claim
Galatron Access Denied Megacorp cb_galatron
Subjugate Megacorp cb_megacorp_subjugate
Hostile Takeover Megacorp cb_hostile_takeover
Expropriation Megacorp cb_expel_corp
Claim the Galatron Megacorp cb_steal_galatron
Trial of Advancement Nemesis cb_trial_of_advancement
Imperium Nemesis cb_galactic_empire
Imposed Inclusion Nemesis cb_imposed_inclusion
Existential Expulsion Nemesis cb_existential_expulsion

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