event Command Help

This command starts the event with the specified ID in the specified empire.

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Name Event
The League of Non-Aligned Powers war_in_heaven.22
League Membership Refused war_in_heaven.21
League Membership Accepted war_in_heaven.20
The League of Non-Aligned Powers war_in_heaven.19
The Fall of the Awakened war_in_heaven.18
War with the Awakened war_in_heaven.16
League Membership Request war_in_heaven.15
The League of Non-Aligned Powers war_in_heaven.13
Awakened Empire Defeated war_in_heaven.11
The End of the War in Heaven war_in_heaven.6
The End of the War in Heaven war_in_heaven.5
The War in Heaven war_in_heaven.4
Ancient Rivals war_in_heaven.2
Lost and Forgotten uplift.7525
Fidgeting uplift.7520
In Vivo uplift.7510
Forked Chain uplift.7500
Familial Fission uplift.7215
Stranger Danger uplift.7210
Conscientious Objectors uplift.7205
Looking Inwards uplift.7200
A Rocky Start uplift.7010
Lift Up, Follow Up uplift.7000
Uplift Successful uplift.6091
Uplift Successful uplift.6081
Uplift Successful uplift.6071
Uplift Successful uplift.6061
Uplift Successful uplift.6051
Uplift Successful uplift.6041
Uplift Successful uplift.6031
Uplift Successful uplift.6021
Uplift Successful uplift.6011
Snakeoids Uplifted uplift.6001
Crawling, on the Planet's Face uplift.6090
Pre-Sapient Species Found uplift.6080
Shifting Sands uplift.6070
A Species of Ice and Ice uplift.6060
Frozen Wastes uplift.6050
Welcome to the Jungle uplift.6040
Terra Firma uplift.6030
Upliftable Species Found uplift.6020
To Rise Above the Waters uplift.6010
Serpentine uplift.6000
The Annexation of [rebel_planet.GetName] unrest.4220
??RUnrest??!: Revolt on [Root.Target.GetName]! unrest.4200
??RUnrest??!: [From.GetAdj] Interference unrest.4060
??RUnrest??!: Organized Resistance unrest.4000
??RUnrest??!: Keeping the Peace unrest.110
??RUnrest??!: Severe Terror unrest.105
??RUnrest??!: Terror unrest.101
Order Restored on [Root.GetName] unrest.4300
??RUnrest??!: Radicalization unrest.150
??RUnrest??!: This Too Shall Pass unrest.145
??RUnrest??!: A Sense of Community unrest.140
??RUnrest??!: All Together unrest.135
??RUnrest??!: Grounded unrest.130
??RUnrest??!: The Other unrest.125
??RUnrest??!: On Good Authority unrest.120
??RUnrest??!: Hallowed unrest.115
Revolt Brewing on [Root.GetName] unrest.55
Conducting First Contact tutorial.2000
Colony Established tutorial.27
Blocker Cleared tutorial.16
Building Constructed tutorial.14
Starbase Established tutorial.76
Strategic Resource Extracted tutorial.56
Tutorial: Strategic Resources tutorial.55
Secrets at the Doorstep tutorial.52
Tutorial: Observation Posts tutorial.50
Colony Ship Built tutorial.25
Science Ship Built tutorial.21
Research Station Built tutorial.12
Mining Station Built tutorial.10
Construction Ship Built tutorial.8
System Surveyed tutorial.2
Hyper Relays tutorial.2131
Hyper Relays tutorial.2130
Quantum Catapult tutorial.2126
Quantum Catapult tutorial.2125
Orbital Rings tutorial.2121
Orbital Rings tutorial.2120
Tutorial: Megastructures tutorial.2115
Tutorial: Mercenary Enclave tutorial.2111
Enclave Diplomacy tutorial.2105
Enclave Diplomacy tutorial.2100
Assigning Assets tutorial.2010
First Contact Established tutorial.2007
First Contact Established tutorial.2006
Minor Artifacts tutorial.1337
Full Tutorial tutorial.102
Tips Only tutorial.101
Tutorial Disabled tutorial.100
Tutorial: Starbases tutorial.75
Tutorial Reminder: Uplift tutorial.73
Tutorial: Hyperspace Travel tutorial.71
Species Modified tutorial.65
Tutorial: Modify Species tutorial.64
First Contact... Made? tutorial.63
First Contact Made tutorial.61
Tutorial: First Contact tutorial.59
Pre-Sapients Uplifted tutorial.58
Tutorial: Uplift tutorial.57
Observation Post Built tutorial.51
Ship Designed tutorial.49
Tutorial: Ship Design tutorial.48
Sector Governor Assigned tutorial.47
Tutorial: Sector Governor tutorial.46
Sector Established tutorial.45
Tutorial: Establish Sector tutorial.44
Navy Size Increased tutorial.43
Tutorial: Increase the Fleet tutorial.39
Resource Production Obtained tutorial.38
Tutorial: Resource Production tutorial.33
Tutorial: Establish Colony tutorial.26
Tutorial: Build Colony Ship tutorial.24
Scientist Recruited tutorial.23
Tutorial: Recruit Scientist tutorial.22
Tutorial: Science Ship tutorial.20
Systems Surveyed tutorial.19
Tutorial: Survey Systems tutorial.17
Tutorial: Blocked Features tutorial.15
Tutorial: Planetary Districts and Buildings tutorial.13
Tutorial: Research Station tutorial.11
Tutorial: Mining Station tutorial.9
Tutorial: Construction Ship tutorial.7
Technologies Researched tutorial.6
Tutorial: Technologies tutorial.3
Tutorial: Surveying tutorial.1
Mistranslations terra.105
The Armory terra.100
Bringing the Past to Light terra.95
Weapons Cache terra.90
A Radiating Reception terra.85
Radioactive Flora terra.80
Paradise is a Place on [From.GetName] terra.75
Unexpected Mutations terra.70
A Helpful Blemish terra.65
Unearthed Primitives terra.60
Perfect Organization terra.55
Oneness terra.50
Excess to Success terra.45
A Planetary Gambit terra.40
[Root.GetHomeWorldName] II terra.35
Terraforming Complications terra.25
Engineered Beauty terra.20
Superfluous Terraforming Equipment terra.15
Learning From Mistakes terra.30
Ancient Mineral Processing Hub story.330
Crystal Ball story.220
Void Unclouded story.405
Surveyor Activated story.335
Mining Drone Base Destroyed story.332
Mining Drone Work Ethic story.305
Crystal Shattered story.222
Crystals Pacified story.207
Crystalline Entities Are Unbreakable story.205
Amoebas Pacified story.107
Space Amoebas Forever story.105
Contact Report: Leviathan story.8
Contact Report: Enigmatic Spacefarers story.7
Contact Report: Primitives story.6
Contact Report: Remnants story.5
Contact Report: Pre-Sapient Beings story.4
Contact Report: Planetary Animalia story.3
Contact Report: Deep Space Dwellers story.2
Contact Report: Simple Forms of Life story.1
[rebel_country.GetName] unrest.168
[revolt_planet.Planet.GetName] Lost unrest.167
Revolt Suppressed unrest.161
Slaves Pacified unrest.165
Slave Labor Discontinued unrest.163
??RUnrest??!: Slave Revolt on [revolt_planet.Planet.GetName] unrest.160
??RUnrest??!: Slave Riots on [revolt_planet.GetName] unrest.157
??RUnrest??!: Hunger Strike on [Root.GetName] unrest.159
??RUnrest??!: Sabotage on [Root.GetName] unrest.156
??RUnrest??!: Slaves Rally on [revolt_planet.GetName] unrest.155
Out of the Transport Ship, Into the Burning Plasma situation.1135
Older Codes situation.1130
Transverse Orientation situation.1125
Parasites Found situation.1160
Great Chill situation.1150
Solar Energy Wanes situation.1145
Successful Infestation situation.1140
Time Out Of Joint situation.592
Time Out Of Joint situation.591
Free Fall situation.501
Colony Lost! situation.190
[Target.GetName] Extinguished situation.1170
The Last Spark situation.1120
[Target.GetName] Cleaned situation.1115
Disastrous Drainage situation.1110
Escape Fortress situation.1100
Horrific Premonition situation.1080
The Leaking Sack situation.1075
The Densest of Metals situation.1070
Perpetual Pursuit of the Plume situation.1065
Regenerating Flagella situation.1060
Power Surge situation.1055
Overseer situation.1050
Destabilized Fang situation.1045
[This.GetLeviathanParadeName] situation.1005
[This.GetLeviathanTargetName] situation.1000
After The Storm situation.294
After The Storm situation.293
After The Storm situation.292
Reboot situation.291
CRITICAL DAMAGE situation.290
Upgrade situation.253
Downgrade situation.252
Wiped Drives situation.251
Missing Units situation.250
Miscalculations situation.216
Miscalculations situation.215
Manufacturing Defects situation.213
Malfunctioning Drones situation.210
Who Watches The Watchers? situation.203
Back From Black situation.597
Back From Black situation.596
Event Horizon situation.590
Point Of No Return situation.580
The Penrose Result situation.542
The Penrose Result situation.541
The Penrose Process situation.540
Dark Discoveries situation.530
Closer Than We Thought situation.520
Regaining Control situation.513
Fear of the Dark situation.511
Hello Darkness situation.510
Climate Change situation.175
Swallowed by the Snow situation.170
Swamped by Snow situation.165
Removal Problems situation.160
Spreading Chills situation.155
A Turbulent Departure situation.55
A Departure situation.50
Continued Perplexity situation.45
Expedition Report situation.40
Labyrinth Disappeared situation.30
Labyrinth Destroyed situation.25
A Reward for Obstinance situation.20
Attention Seeking situation.15
Surprising Movements situation.10
An End situation.1095
Threshold to the Void situation.1090
Glimpses of the Abyss situation.1085
Outdated Assistants situation.299
Geomagnetic Storm situation.202
Solar Flare situation.200
Unending Ice situation.195
Unusual Snow situation.150
The Mysterious Labyrinth situation.5
Acute Exotic Gas Deficits deficit.215
Acute Volatile Mote Deficits deficit.200
Acute Rare Crystal Deficits deficit.185
Spiralling Deficits deficit.170
Consumerism Thwarted deficit.155
Acute Food Shortages deficit.140
Spiralling Deficits deficit.125
Spiralling Deficits deficit.100
[Root.GetSpeciesName] Refugees Arrive refugees.1
First Alien Encounter progress.4
Survey Mission progress.7
The First [Root.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Colony progress.3
The Discovery of Alien Life progress.2
Research Proposal primitive.171
[From.GetName] Descends Into Nuclear War primitive.131
Bronze Age Civilization Appears primitive.31
The Industrial Revolution primitive.29
Steam Power primitive.27
Gunpowder primitive.25
Printing Press primitive.23
The Iron Age primitive.21
The Space Age primitive.17
[From.GetName] primitive.180
Primitive Space Station primitive.19
First Satellite primitive.15
Splitting the Atom primitive.13
Radio Signals primitive.11
[From.GetRegnalName] Dies Heirless pretender.1
Private Collector precursor.310
Precursor Discovery precursor.301
Cybrex Home System Located precursor.2100
Irassian Home System Located precursor.1600
First League Home System Located precursor.1100
Yuht Home System Located precursor.600
Reality Perforated precursor.105
Vultaum Home System Located precursor.100
Cybrex Artifact Recovered precursor.306
Irassian Artifact Recovered precursor.305
First League Artifact Recovered precursor.304
Yuht Artifact Recovered precursor.303
Vultaum Artifact Recovered precursor.302
Cybrex Ring World Found precursor.2102
The Cybrex Central Nexus precursor.2101
Cybrex Research Station precursor.2055
Organic Remains precursor.2050
Ancient Cybrex Base precursor.2045
Battle Debris precursor.2040
Cybrex Refinery precursor.2035
Cybrex Listening Post precursor.2030
Cybrex Ruins precursor.2025
Cybrex Invasion precursor.2020
Broken Cybrex Warforms precursor.2015
Indimak Homeworld precursor.2010
Kuur Homeworld precursor.2005
The Cybrex precursor.2000
Irassian Homeworld Found precursor.1602
The Irassian Homeworld precursor.1601
Gas Giant Science Station precursor.1555
Asteroid Listening Post precursor.1550
Disease Control precursor.1545
Derelict Irassian Ship precursor.1540
Irassian Colony precursor.1535
Irassian Mining Base precursor.1530
Dead Colony precursor.1525
The Ti'Derg Homeworld precursor.1520
The Joggra Homeworld precursor.1515
Purified World precursor.1510
Quarantined World precursor.1505
The Irassian Concordat precursor.1500
First League Capital Found precursor.1102
The First League Headquarters precursor.1101
Smuggler Asteroid precursor.1070
Orbital Blockade precursor.1065
Protected Primitive World precursor.1060
League Prison Complex precursor.1055
Battle Wreckage precursor.1050
League Trade Center precursor.1045
Joint League Colony precursor.1040
League Science Base precursor.1035
The V'ropak Homeworld precursor.1030
The Migir-Yan Homeworld precursor.1025
The Chassago Homeworld precursor.1020
The Khamdai Homeworld precursor.1015
League Cruiser precursor.1010
League Naval Base precursor.1005
The First League precursor.1000
Yuht Homeworld Discovered precursor.602
The Yuht Homeworld precursor.601
Yuht Asteroid Dwelling precursor.545
Yuht Colony Ship precursor.540
Yuht Cruiser precursor.535
Yuht Satellite precursor.530
Yuht Colony precursor.515
Yuht Listening Post precursor.510
Yuht Hatchery World precursor.505
The Yuht Empire precursor.500
Vultaum Homeworld Discovered precursor.102
The Vultaum Homeworld precursor.101
Vultaum Asteroid Mining Base precursor.55
Vultaum Virtual Reality Center precursor.50
Vultaum Splinter Colony precursor.45
Vultaum Satellite precursor.40
Vultaum Trade Post precursor.35
Vultaum Gas Giant Facility precursor.30
Vultaum Colony precursor.15
Vultaum Observatory precursor.10
Vultaum Mining Base precursor.5
The Vultaum Star Assembly precursor.1
Increased Strength pop.14
[modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesName] representative visits [Root.Owner.Capital.GetName] pop.12
[non_modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesNamePlural] massacred on [Root.GetName]! pop.10
[modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesNamePlural] massacred on [Root.GetName]! pop.8
Increased Fertility pop.6
Rising Tensions on [Root.GetName] pop.3
A New Species pop.1
Idyllic Perfection plant.100
Observation of [From.GetName] Ceases planet_destruction.1000
Planet Drenched planet_destruction.701
[outraged_FE.GetName] planet_destruction.610
Nanobots Dispersed planet_destruction.501
Faith Enforced planet_destruction.401
Neutron Swept planet_destruction.301
[From.GetName] Shielded planet_destruction.210
Hyperspace Bypass planet_destruction.111
Cracking Open a Cold One planet_destruction.102
World Cracked planet_destruction.101
The Pirate Haven pirate.10
Brigands' Blockade at [thalassocracy_target_system.GetName] pirate.155
Organic Pirates pirate.57
Corrupted Units pirate.56
Alien Pirates pirate.54
Rogue Drone Raiding pirate.53
Pirates Sighted! pirate.50
Pirate Station Raided pirate.25
Pirate Haven Destroyed pirate.15
Space Pirates pirate.5
The Birth of Space Piracy pirate.1
Welcome Apprentices origin.5620
Quantified origin.3540
In Memoriam origin.3535
Star-Crossed origin.3530
Enlightenment origin.3525
Out of the Shadows origin.3520
A Thousand Points of Light origin.3515
Welcome Apprentices origin.5615
The Beacon is Lit origin.5625
True Apprentices origin.5605
Death by a Thousand Detonations origin.3265
The Progenitor Falls origin.3210
Recovered Cache origin.3100
Aimless origin.3245
Colonial Remains origin.3101
Life-Tree Destroyed! origin.3003
Not the Enemy origin.1420
Blissfully Ignorant origin.1405
The Maker's Might origin.1395
Picking Up the Trail origin.1385
Trail of the Victor origin.1380
Closure origin.1360
Final Rest origin.1355
Raided and Hunted origin.1350
Finding the Benefactors origin.1340
Cold Trail origin.1335
The Black Crown Yields its Secrets origin.1050
Cosmic Overload origin.1040
Relentless Barrage origin.1035
Pest Control origin.1030
Gateway Locust origin.1025
Return to Sender origin.1020
The Waiting Game origin.1015
Opening the Gate origin.1013
Planetside Next origin.1012
Spit It Out origin.1010
The Uninvited origin.1005
Someone at the Door origin.1000
Interstellar Geo-Caching origin.1415
X Marks the Spot origin.1410
The Tyrant's Rest origin.1400
The Silent Freighter origin.1390
Trail's End origin.1351
These Ravaged Fields origin.1345
Step 1 Went Smoothly origin.1370
Here! We Build Here! origin.1365
Next Step origin.1330
Godspeed origin.1325
Bene-Fiction origin.1320
False Flag origin.1315
Tyrant's Remorse - Part II origin.1310
Tyrant's Remorse origin.1305
Dirty Past origin.1300
Cold, Hard Cache origin.1295
Hidden Cave origin.1290
Aftermath origin.1285
Crescendo! origin.1280
Desperate Measures origin.1275
Last Bastion origin.1270
Addendum origin.1265
Admitting Defeat origin.1260
Endless Memorial origin.1255
Very Complex origin.1250
Bunker Debunked origin.1245
Sealed Bunker origin.1240
Full of Wonders origin.1235
The Trials origin.1230
Proving Grounds origin.1225
Let's See What We Got origin.1220
Wind Back and Proceed origin.1215
It's a dud origin.1210
Tracking the Signal origin.1205
The First, Small Step origin.1200
The Gatekeeper Memoirs origin.1115
Room Without A View origin.1110
Temporal Dissonance origin.1105
Beyond Impact origin.1100
A New Home origin.85
The End of [Root.GetName] origin.80
Final Moments origin.76
Dying Gasp origin.75
End Times Approach origin.70
Conditions Worsen on [Root.GetName] origin.65
The End is Nigh origin.61
The Destruction of [From.GetName] origin.91
The Destruction of [From.GetName] origin.90
The End of [From.GetName] origin.81
[fe_species.GetName] Expeditionary Fleet Destroyed origin.52
Last [From.GetSpeciesNamePlural] Abducted action.123
??HGalactic Market??!: Station Moved action.103
??HGalactic Market??!: Established action.101
??HGalactic Market??!: Established in [market_founder_planet.GetStarName] action.99
??HBirth of the Galactic Market??! action.97
??HBirth of the Galactic Market??! action.96
??Y[From.GetName]??!: Strategic Resource Discovered action.92
Outpost Rebuilt! action.91
Colony Gained! action.88
??RColony Lost!??! action.87
[From.GetName] Bombarded action.82
??RSynth Leader Out of Commission??! action.76
??RSynth Leader Out of Commission??! action.75
??RSynth Leader Out of Commission??! action.74
??RSynth Leader Out of Commission??! action.73
??RSynth Leader Out of Commission??! action.72
??RSynth Leader Out of Commission??! action.71
End of the [LastKilledCountryName] action.63
End of the [LastKilledCountryName] action.62
Regroup action.41
Status Quo Peace with the ??H[From.GetName]??! action.39
Defeated by the ??H[From.GetName]??! action.38
Victory against the ??H[From.GetName]??! action.37
Subjugating Primitives action.14
Communications Established action.13
Communications Established action.11
Pirates Encountered action.6
[primitive_civ.GetName] Encountered action.5
First Contact with the ??H[contact_empire.GetName]??! action.1
The Worm observer.71
The Horizon Signal observer.70
The Dessanu Consonance observer.66
[marauder_mercenary_country.GetSpeciesName] Mercenaries observer.24
Return of the Great Khan observer.15
[From.From.GetName]: War Averted observation.3133
[From.From.GetName]: Rogue Agent Eliminated observation.3114
[From.From.GetName]: Failed Strike observation.1029
[From.From.GetName]: Successful Strike observation.1028
[From.From.GetName]: Implants Removed observation.1012
Abduction Failed observation.1003
Abduction Successful observation.1002
Raid on Smugglers observation.52
Operatives Rescued on [From.From.GetName] observation.37
Successful Extraction observation.20
[From.GetSpeciesAdj] Societal Shift observation.3139
The Great Pyramid observation.3135
[From.From.GetName]: War Erupts observation.3132
[From.GetName]: Growing Tensions observation.3131
[From.From.GetName]: Agent Lost observation.3113
[From.GetName]: Rogue Agent Sighted observation.3112
[From.GetName]: Mass Arrests observation.3110
[From.GetName]: Media Witch Hunt observation.3108
[From.GetName]: Operatives Hunted observation.3106
[From.GetName]: Incoming Transmission observation.3103
[From.GetName]: Rogue Agent observation.3101
[From.GetName]: Phase IV - Annexation observation.3009
[From.GetName]: Phase III - Consolidation observation.3007
[From.GetName]: Phase II - Usurpation observation.3004
[From.GetName]: Phase I - Infiltration observation.3001
Ethical changes on [From.GetName] observation.2031
Technological Enlightenment: Progress on [From.GetName] observation.2013
Technological Enlightenment: Setback on [From.GetName] observation.2011
Enlightenment Completed observation.2000
[From.GetName]: Task Force Disbanded observation.1031
[From.GetName]: Surgical Strike observation.1027
[From.GetName]: Observation Post Lost observation.1025
[From.GetName]: Task Force Activities observation.1023
[From.GetName]: Anti-Alien Task Force observation.1021
[From.From.GetName]: Implants Not Removed observation.1013
Implant Malfunctions observation.1011
Abduction Proposal observation.1001
Smuggler Weapons Trade observation.53
Smuggler Outpost observation.51
Hostages Executed observation.47
Hostage Deal observation.46
New Weapons on [From.GetName] observation.44
Operatives Captured on [From.From.GetName] observation.38
Shuttle Crash on [From.GetName] observation.36
Missile Strikes Observation Post! observation.26
Situation Calms on [From.GetName] observation.24
Religious Conflicts on [From.GetName] observation.22
Rogue Scientist Consolidates Power observation.19
Strange Reports from [From.GetName] observation.15
Scientist Found Dead observation.12
Missing Scientist observation.11
Asteroid Destroyed observation.6
Observation Post Destroyed observation.4
Asteroid Impacts [From.From.GetName] observation.3
Asteroid Approaching [From.GetName] observation.2
Declaration of Hostility nomad.105
Urgent Transmission nomad.100
Galactic Nomad Fleet nomad.30
Galactic Nomads nomad.10
Diligent Decaying Drones necroids.260
A Sacrifice Made: Bounty for the [root.GetName] necroids.202
A Sacrifice Made: [root.GetAdj] Harmony necroids.201
A Sacrifice Made: [root.GetAdj] Togetherness necroids.200
Elevation Ceremony on [Root.Capital.GetName] necroids.2
Ruined Quantum Catapult over.20
Ruined Mega Shipyard feda.5
Ruined Interstellar Assembly mega.9130
Ruined Mega Art Installation mega.9120
Ruined Strategic Coordination Center mega.9110
Ruined Matter Decompressor mega.9100
Ruined Ring World utopia.2016
Ruined Sentry Array utopia.2014
Ruined Science Nexus utopia.2012
Ruined Dyson Sphere utopia.2010
Jabbardeeni Data Cache over.60
Anomalous Readings over.50
Quantum Catapult Restored over.25
Quantum Catapult Online over.10
Quantum Catapult over.5
Quantum Catapult over.1
Mega Shipyard Restored feda.6
Mega Shipyard Online feda.3
Mega Shipyard Core feda.2
Mega Shipyard Framework feda.1
Interstellar Assembly Restored mega.9131
Ruined Mega Art Installation Restored mega.9121
Strategic Coordination Center Restored mega.9111
Matter Decompressor Restored mega.9101
Matter Decompressor: Extraction mega.9013
Matter Decompressor: Boring mega.9012
Matter Decompressor: Lensing mega.9011
Matter Decompressor: Anchor mega.9010
Interstellar Assembly mega.9009
Interstellar Assembly: Forum Modules mega.9008
Interstellar Assembly: Consul Ring mega.9007
Interstellar Assembly: Locus mega.9006
Strategic Coordination Center: Operational mega.9005
Strategic Coordination Center: Comms mega.9004
Strategic Coordination Center: Hull mega.9003
Mega Art Installation mega.9002
Art Installation: Maturity mega.9001
Art Installation: Nascency mega.9000
[From.From.From.Planet.GetName] Habitat Complete utopia.61
Ring World Section Restored utopia.2017
Sentry Array Restored utopia.2015
Science Nexus Restored utopia.2013
Dyson Sphere Restored utopia.2011
[From.GetSpeciesName] Ring World utopia.2005
Ring World Completed utopia.2004
Ring World Frame Completed utopia.2003
Ring World Project utopia.2002
Ring World Construction utopia.2000
[From.From.GetName] Dyson Sphere Completed utopia.4005
Dyson Sphere Panels Installed utopia.4004
Dyson Sphere Frame utopia.4003
Alien Megastructure utopia.4002
Dyson Sphere Construction utopia.4000
Alien Megastructure Completed utopia.4110
Sentry Array Completed utopia.4104
Sentry Array Hub Assembled utopia.4103
Alien Megastructure utopia.4102
Sentry Array Construction utopia.4100
Alien Megastructure Completed utopia.86
Science Nexus Completed utopia.84
Science Nexus Research Wings utopia.85
Science Nexus Hub utopia.83
Alien Megastructure utopia.82
Science Nexus Construction utopia.80
[abducted_leader.GetName] utopia.63
[abducted_leader.GetName] utopia.62
Neural Bank utopia.60
Neural Bank utopia.59
The Essence of Nothing utopia.58
Dr. Xhaxxore has fled! utopia.108
Scum of the Universe utopia.107
The Essence of Justice utopia.106
Ageless Scheme Exposed utopia.105
Gland Thieves utopia.104
Essence of...[target_country.GetSpeciesName] utopia.103
Age less with Ageless utopia.102
Castles in the Sky utopia.101
Unusual disappearances on [missing_pops_planet.GetName] utopia.100
Fountain of Gold utopia.57
Fountain of Youth utopia.56
Essence of [ointment_name.GetName] utopia.55
Suspicious Minds utopia.54
Fountain of Youth utopia.51
The Blind Wanderer utopia.35
The Blind Wanderer utopia.34
The Blind Wanderer utopia.33
The One-Eyed Wanderer utopia.32
The One-Eyed Wanderer utopia.31
The One-Eyed Wanderer utopia.30
A Shocking Revelation utopia.26
A Shocking Revelation utopia.25
Ring World Pets utopia.23
Missing Workers utopia.28
Missing Workers utopia.27
Mineral Deposit utopia.22
Favorable Conditions utopia.21
Ring World Request: Conclusion utopia.6
Mission Complete utopia.5
Request Denied. utopia.4
Request Accepted utopia.3
A Request from the [From.From.GetName] utopia.2
A Request for the [ringworld_builder.GetName] utopia.1
Mercenary Admiral Replaced marauder.71
Mercenary Contract Ends marauder.50
[marauder_neighbor_species.GetName] Refugees marauder.701
Raiders Hit [Root.GetName] marauder.104
[marauder_species.GetName] Refugees Arrive marauder.10
Great Khan's Throne Recovered marauder.710
[marauder_neighbor_species.GetName] Shuttle marauder.707
Abandoned [marauder_neighbor_species.GetName] Habitat marauder.706
[marauder_neighbor_species.GetName] Resource Cache marauder.705
Drifting Fleet marauder.704
[marauder_neighbor_species.GetName] Escape Pod marauder.703
The Great Whetstone marauder.702
Khanate Scuttles Garrison Stations marauder.671
The End of the Satrapy marauder.670
The New Galactic Horde marauder.660
The New Khanate marauder.640
Horde Reverts to Old Ways marauder.630
The Horde Splinters marauder.620
Horde Establishes Base in [capital_system.GetName] marauder.553
[From.GetName] Submits! marauder.552
The Sleeper Awakes marauder.526
Great Khan Presumed Dead marauder.524
Liberation of [liberated_planet.GetName] marauder.516
The Death of the Great Khan marauder.510
Great Khan Meets Defeat marauder.506
Great Khan Seizes [conquered_planet.GetName]! marauder.504
The Drums of War marauder.501
[raiding_marauder.GetSpeciesName] Raiding Fleet Destroyed marauder.124
[raid_parent.GetSpeciesName] Raiders Withdraw marauder.122
Incoming [raiding_marauder.GetSpeciesName] Raid marauder.120
Raiding Fleet Destroyed marauder.116
Raid Abandoned marauder.114
Mercenaries Join Great Khan marauder.77
[marauder_species.GetName] Mercenaries Vanish marauder.76
Vengeance of the [marauder_species.GetNamePlural] marauder.6
The End of the [From.GetName] marauder.5
[From.GetSpeciesName] Warriors Sighted marauder.3
AI Assistants Removed leader.30
Ruler - Gained Trait leader.25
General - Gained Trait leader.24
Governor - Gained Trait leader.23
Admiral - Gained Trait leader.22
Scientist - Gained Trait leader.21
Promising Officer leader.1
Eerie Silence graygoo.550
A Quiet Stroll graygoo.400
True Masters graygoo.555
Tempest Engulfs [Root.GetName] graygoo.2
Gray Scattered graygoo.511
Dessanu Trade Ends graygoo.184
The End of the Dessanu graygoo.181
[From.From.GetName] Turns Into Dust graygoo.150
L-Gates Activated graygoo.111
Tempest Spent graygoo.15
The Gray Tempest graygoo.10
The Space Amoeba Protection Act galactic_features.505
New Arrivals in [FromFrom.GetName] galactic_features.502
The End of VLUUR galactic_features.423
VLUUR galactic_features.421
Space Storm [storm_name.GetFirstName] Dissipates galactic_features.406
Space Storm Dissipates galactic_features.404
Space Storm [storm_name.GetFirstName] Arrives galactic_features.405
Space Storm Hits Galaxy galactic_features.402
Tiyanki Driven to Extinction galactic_features.370
Tiyanki Home System Scoured galactic_features.367
Effluvial Offspring galactic_features.361
Breeding Grounds galactic_features.500
Cradle of Life galactic_features.368
Guardians of Zanaam galactic_features.2
New Headquarters for Galactic Market Sought galcom.64
Tiyanki Conservation Act Violation galcom.107
Tiyanki In [Root.GetSpeciesName] Space galcom.106
Tiyanki Pest Control galcom.104
New Headquarters for Galactic Market Sought galcom.63
[galactic_market_station_system.GetName] Stripped of Galactic Market Headquarters galcom.62
Formation of the Galactic Council galcom.51
No Support for Galactic Community galcom.10
The Birth of the Galactic Community galcom.5
A Galactic Community galcom.2
Clear Signal Detected first_contact.5065
Steady Progress first_contact.5055
Mistaken Translations first_contact.5050
Swift Translations first_contact.5045
Confusing Signals first_contact.5040
A Terrible Sight to Behold first_contact.5035
The Delight of the Unknown first_contact.5030
Trail Goes Cold first_contact.5025
[This.ContactCountry.GetName] Capital Discovered first_contact.5020
[This.ContactCountry.GetName] Scan [This.Owner.Capital.GetName] first_contact.5015
Mistaken Identification first_contact.5010
A Lack of Signal first_contact.5005
Clear Signal Found first_contact.5000
The Nomads first_contact_critters.95
Unknown Vessels first_contact_critters.90
Living Space Debris? first_contact_critters.80
The Caravaneers first_contact_critters.75
Unknown Vessels first_contact_critters.70
Hostile Vessels first_contact_critters.60
Signs of Barbarism first_contact_critters.50
Ancient Mining Drones first_contact_critters.45
Space Automata first_contact_critters.40
Living Crystals? first_contact_critters.30
Space Amoebas first_contact_critters.25
Big and Testy first_contact_critters.20
Tiyanki first_contact_critters.15
Weird Heat Blobs first_contact_critters.10
Communications Established first_contact_critters.5
Structured Signals first_contact_critters.1
First Contact Protocols first_contact.1060
Hyperlane Insights first_contact.437
The Universal Translator first_contact.422
The Treachery of the [From.Owner.GetName] first_contact.332
The Treachery of the [From.Owner.GetName] first_contact.322
A Close Shave first_contact.282
Violence at First Contact first_contact.272
The Cruelty of the [From.Owner.GetName] first_contact.262
The Cruelty of the [From.Owner.GetName] first_contact.254
The Cruelty of the [From.Owner.GetName] first_contact.253
Vessel Seized first_contact.252
Hacking Attempt Foiled first_contact.216
Hacking Detected first_contact.206
A Language of Lights first_contact.440
Beyond the Light Barrier first_contact.435
Light Displays first_contact.430
The [This.ContactCountry.GetName] Decoded first_contact.425
The [This.ContactCountry.GetName] Decoded first_contact.420
A Problem of Frequencies first_contact.415
A Show of Level-Headedness first_contact.411
The Appearance of Cowardliness first_contact.410
A Showing of Valor first_contact.406
Sparring Partners first_contact.405
Apparent Hostility first_contact.400
The [This.ContactCountry.GetRealName] first_contact.397
The [This.ContactCountry.GetRealName] first_contact.395
Non-Robotics Encountered first_contact.390
A Civilization of Individuals first_contact.385
Suggestions of Individuality first_contact.380
The [This.ContactCountry.GetName], Explained first_contact.379
The [This.ContactCountry.GetName], Explained first_contact.378
The [This.ContactCountry.GetName], Explained first_contact.377
The [This.ContactCountry.GetName], Explained first_contact.376
The [This.ContactCountry.GetName], Explained first_contact.375
The Response of the [This.ContactCountry.GetName] first_contact.370
Monstrous Noises first_contact.365
A Poor Choice first_contact.358
The Finest of Greetings first_contact.357
Contacting the [This.ContactCountry.GetName] first_contact.356
A Language of Metaphor first_contact.355
Speaking in Riddles first_contact.350
Abduction Attempt Failed first_contact.330
An Unfortunate Mishap first_contact.321
Aliens Captured first_contact.320
Alien Materials Studied first_contact.295
Alien Study Complete first_contact.290
Interrogations Complete first_contact.285
Failure first_contact.280
An Empty Husk first_contact.270
Alien Ship Captured! first_contact.260
Alien Ship Captured! first_contact.250
Communications Established first_contact.220
A Poor Hack Job first_contact.215
Hacking Aborted first_contact.210
Success, at a Price first_contact.205
Data Delve Successful first_contact.200
[This.ContactCountry.GetName] Understood first_contact.105
A Civilization of Machines first_contact.104
A Collective Intelligence first_contact.103
[This.ContactCountry.GetName] Decoded first_contact.102
They are [This.Owner.GetSpeciesNamePlural]! first_contact.101
Communications Established first_contact.100
Communications Received first_contact.60
Elusive Aliens first_contact.50
Spacefaring Civilization Discovered first_contact.15
Mysterious Spacefarers first_contact.10
Mysterious Spacefarers first_contact.5
Encounter in [This.System.GetName] first_contact.1
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.73
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.72
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.71
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.63
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.62
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.61
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.53
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.52
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.51
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.43
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.42
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.41
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.31
Improved Code Standards fallen_machine_empire.23
Incompatible Code fallen_machine_empire.22
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.21
Benign Inoculation fallen_machine_empire.13
Uncontrolled Mutation fallen_machine_empire.12
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_machine_empire.11
Vigil's End fallen_machine_empire.4
Machine Awakening fallen_machine_empire.2
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.24
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.22
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.20
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.18
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.17
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.15
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.13
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.11
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.10
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.8
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.4
Communication from ??H[FallenEmpireTaskOrigin.GetName]??! fallen_empires_tasks.2
Communication from ??H[From.GetName]??! fallen_empires.8
Communication from ??H[From.GetName]??! fallen_empires.7
Communication from ??H[From.GetName]??! fallen_empires.6
Communication from ??H[From.GetName]??! fallen_empires.5
Communication from ??H[From.GetName]??! fallen_empires.4
[From.GetName] assassinate [Root.GetRulerTitle]! fallen_empires.2
Guardians of the Galaxy fallen_empires_awakening.5
Sleepers Awake fallen_empires_awakening.2
Rise of the Manifestists manifesti.25
Mirrors, Brightly manifesti.20
Pictures Grunt a Thousand Words manifesti.15
Nipped in the Bud manifesti.10
The Manifesti manifesti.5
Carnival Protestors manifesti.1
A Hush Descends manifesti.30
[Root.GetName] Arrested envoy_events.230
A Salacious Affair envoy_events.225
Offense Taken envoy_events.220
Substance Abuse envoy_events.215
Gone Native envoy_events.210
Missteps from an Ambassador envoy_events.205
Lobbyists envoy_events.200
Scandalous Insult envoy_events.101
Scandalous Insult envoy_events.100
Disputes Among Allies envoy_events.19
Disputes Among Allies envoy_events.18
Disputes Among Allies envoy_events.17
A Strange Creature envoy_events.15
Special Ops Mission Unsuccessful envoy_events.14
[From.GetAdj] Special Ops Mission Thwarted envoy_events.13
Special Ops Mission Successful envoy_events.12
[From.GetAdj] Special Ops Mission envoy_events.11
Star-Crossed Lovers envoy_events.7
Murder on [From.Capital.GetName]! envoy_events.6
A Most Irritating Envoy envoy_events.5
Astute Galactic Diplomacy envoy_events.4
A Contribution to Galactic Comedy envoy_events.3
Translation Software Malfunction envoy_events.2
Insulting [envoy_source.GetAdj] Envoy envoy_events.1
Maneuvers Concluded diplomatic.1025
[From.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Maneuvers Concluded diplomatic.1026
Intelligence on [From.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Maneuvers diplomatic.1020
Fleet Maneuvers: Public Interest diplomatic.1014
Fleet Maneuvers: Promising Officer diplomatic.1013
Fleet Maneuvers: Ships Lost diplomatic.1012
Fleet Maneuvers: Collisions diplomatic.1011
Naval Activity in [exercise_system.GetName] diplomatic.1006
Fleet Maneuvers Canceled diplomatic.1001
Fleet Maneuvers diplomatic.1000
Instrumental Biology diplomatic.20
Genome Mapping Yields Results diplomatic.14
Fear and Suspicion crisis.2093
Synths Scuttle Starbase crisis.2092
Synth Bombing on [Root.GetName] crisis.2091
AI Revolt Spreads crisis.2016
AI Revolt crisis.2015
Unit Corruption Alert crisis.2503
Unit Corruption Alert crisis.2502
Mainframe Core Salvaged crisis.2480
Cybrex Activity crisis.2407
The Fall of the Cybrex crisis.2405
Energy Spike crisis.2401
Synth Detection Project crisis.2202
Sapient Combat Computers Malfunction crisis.2099
Admiral exposed as Synth! crisis.2098
Scientist exposed as Synth! crisis.2097
Synths Assassinate [Root.GetRulerTitle]! crisis.2096
Synth Assassination Attempt Foiled! crisis.2095
Synth Infiltrator Discovered crisis.2090
Synth Infiltration Attempt crisis.2085
Units Lost crisis.2309
Erroneous Units Confirmed Healthy crisis.2308
Unit Stack Error Alert crisis.2307
Contingency Intrusion Averted crisis.2305
Critical Power Grid Malfunction crisis.2304
Autonomous Military Unit Terminated! crisis.2303
Science Processing Unit Terminated! crisis.2302
Starbase Hijacked crisis.2301
Security Breach crisis.2314
A Change in the Ghost Signal crisis.2313
Conquest of [From.From.GetName] crisis.2042
The End of the Contingency crisis.2038
Machine World Destroyed crisis.2037
The Heart of the Contingency crisis.2036
Fourth Machine World crisis.2033
Third Machine World crisis.2032
Second Machine World crisis.2031
Machine World crisis.2030
Ghost Signal Blocked crisis.2510
The Arrival crisis.2022
The Summons crisis.2021
Synthetic Disappearances crisis.2020
The Ghost Signal crisis.2010
Machines Conquer [Root.GetName] crisis.2005
[Root.GetName] Lost crisis.1011
The Warlock crisis.1250
Invasion Defeated crisis.1271
Third Portal Destroyed crisis.1216
The Vehement crisis.1210
Second Portal Destroyed crisis.1116
The Aberrant crisis.1112
A Second Portal crisis.1110
First Portal Destroyed crisis.1016
Dimensional Portal Destroyed crisis.1013
Intercepted Transmission crisis.1010
Galactic Power Surge crisis.1008
The Unbidden crisis.1007
Long live the Queen! crisis.105
Brood-Queen Captured crisis.252
New Brood crisis.250
Hole in the Void crisis.234
The End of the Scourge crisis.211
Feral Prethoryn Sighted crisis.121
Someone Else Got The Queen crisis.107
The Wounded Queen crisis.101
The Fall of the Sentinels crisis.81
A New Order crisis.51
The Second Wave crisis.20
The First Wave crisis.18
Subspace Signal crisis.15
Approaching the Outer Rim crisis.13
Subspace Echoes crisis.11
Branch Office shut down on [From.GetName] crime.1002
Branch Office shut down on [Root.GetName] crime.1001
Virus Terminates Deviant Network on [Root.GetName] crime.552
Deviant Signal Interference on [Root.GetName] crime.551
Rogue Drones Rampage on [Root.GetName] crime.550
Deviant Ringleader Terminated on [Root.GetName] crime.502
Deviant Interference on [Root.GetName] crime.501
Stampeding Drones on [Root.GetName] crime.500
Gangsters Usurp Trade on [Root.GetName] crime.304
Gangsters Assassinate Governor on [Root.GetName] crime.303
Corrupt Administration on [Root.GetName] crime.302
Protection Racket on [Root.GetName] crime.301
Mob Rule crime.300
Drug Trade Continues on [Root.GetName] crime.204
Drug Freighter Crashes on [Root.GetName] crime.203
Drug Cartels Clash on [Root.GetName] crime.202
New Drug Introduced on [Root.GetName] crime.201
Drug Trade Expands on [Root.GetName] crime.200