war Command Help

This command will make a specified empire declare war on another specified empire with a war goal of your choice.

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Name War Goal
Take Galatron wg_steal_galatron_imperium
Seize Assets wg_hostile_takeover_imperium
Expel Corporation wg_expel_corp_imperium
Seize Galatron wg_take_galatron_imperium
Humiliate wg_humiliation_imperium
Imperial Rebuke wg_imperial_rebuke
Restore Community wg_restore_the_community
Council Seat wg_seize_council_seat
Force Into Imperium wg_imperial_crusade
Maintain Servitude wg_defend_allegiance
Crisis War wg_declared_crisis
Overthrow the Imperium wg_galactic_civil_war_rebels
Crush the Rebellion wg_galactic_civil_war_loyalists
Assert Hegemony wg_assert_hegemony
Assert Overlordship wg_assert_overlordship
War in Heaven wg_war_in_heaven
Machine Uprising wg_machine_uprising
End Threat wg_end_threat_ae
Domination wg_ae_domination
Decontaminate Border Territories wg_fe_cleanse_border_worlds
Cleanse Holy Worlds wg_fe_cleanse_holy_worlds
Outlaw AI wg_fe_stop_ai
Stop Atrocities wg_fe_stop_atrocities
Humiliate wg_fe_humiliation
Allegiance War wg_allegiance
Ate their Star wg_end_threat_revenge_for_eaten_star
Ate Our Star wg_revenge_for_eaten_star
End Threat wg_end_threat_renegade_containment
Preemptive War wg_renegade_containment
Counterattack wg_counterattack
Leave Hegemony wg_leave_hegemony
Establish Hegemony wg_hegemon
Bring Into Fold wg_scion
Take Galatron wg_steal_galatron
Seize Assets wg_hostile_takeover
Expel Corporation wg_expel_corp
Seize Galatron wg_take_galatron
Humiliate wg_humiliation
Conquer wg_conquest
Impose Ideology wg_force_ideology
Make Subsidiary wg_megacorp_subjugate
Make Tributary wg_tribute
Vassalize wg_subjugation
End Threat wg_end_threat_colossus
Total War wg_colossus
Plunder wg_plunder
Absorption wg_absorption_vs_fe
Cleansing wg_cleansing_vs_fe
Assimilation wg_assimilation_vs_fe
Absorption wg_absorption
Cleansing wg_cleansing
Assimilation wg_assimilation
End Threat wg_end_threat_assimilators
End Threat wg_end_threat_swarm
End Threat wg_end_threat
Independence wg_independence
Bring into the Fold Nemesis wg_bring_into_the_fold
Bring into the Fold Nemesis wg_bring_into_the_fold_corporate
Wipe Them Out Nemesis wg_wipe_them_out
End Threat Nemesis wg_end_threat_crisis

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