Stellaris Event ID List

An updated, complete list of all events in the Stellaris video game including those from the Leviathan DLC for use in cheats and console commands. These are commonly used with the event cheat command, for help using this see the event command page.

Name ID / Cheat Code
Coprolite Asteroid anomaly.1
Pirate Treasure anomaly.5
Asteroid Fauna anomaly.10
Asteroid Fossils anomaly.15
Derelict Shipyard anomaly.25
Junkyard anomaly.30
Crashed Scout Craft anomaly.35
Automated Mining Base anomaly.40
Weapons Target Range anomaly.50
Asteroid Collision anomaly.55
Exotic Radiation anomaly.60
Crashed Ore Freighter anomaly.65
Atmospheric Ecosystem anomaly.300
Abandoned Cargo Pod anomaly.305
Social Experiment anomaly.310
Aerostat Colonies anomaly.315
Debris Field anomaly.320
Crushed Cruiser anomaly.325
Extreme Storms anomaly.330
Energy Signature anomaly.335
Precious Moon anomaly.340
Asteroid Collision anomaly.600
FTL Impact anomaly.605
Microsingularity anomaly.610
Magnetic Reversal anomaly.615
Mummified Pilot anomaly.625
Ancient Life Pod anomaly.630
Alien Writing anomaly.635
Solar Sailer anomaly.650
Glancing Hit anomaly.655
Towed Asteroid anomaly.660
Nuclear Devastation anomaly.670
Nuclear Wasteland anomaly.675
Gamma-Ray Burst anomaly.680
Runaway Greenhouse Effect anomaly.685
Ammonia Biosphere anomaly.690
Silicon Life Forms anomaly.695
Wildcat Miners anomaly.700
Ancient Survey Marker anomaly.705
Splinter Colony anomaly.710
Colony Ruins anomaly.715
Dead Remains anomaly.2500
Ocean Beneath the Ice anomaly.2510
Gigantic Skeleton anomaly.2520
Signs of Battle anomaly.2530
Alien Mural anomaly.2540
Automated Shipyard anomaly.2550
Gas Giant Ship anomaly.2560
Terminal Orbit anomaly.2570
Gas Giant Signal anomaly.5000
Gas Giant Transmission anomaly.5003
A New Colony anomaly.5007
Chabky Raddh anomaly.5009
Lost Contact anomaly.5011
Revolutionary Front anomaly.5013
Baldarak Responds anomaly.5014
The Revolutionary Council anomaly.5016
Baldarak Public Announcement anomaly.5017
Expeditionary Force Seizes Control anomaly.5021
New Baldarak Announcement anomaly.5022
Baldarak Science Academy anomaly.5025
Spring Cleaning anomaly.5026
Special Project Test henrik.16
Hostile Armies Spawned henrik.20
Victory! henrik.21
Defeat! henrik.22
Migrating Forests colony.1
Rise of the Trees colony.4
Fall of the Trees colony.5
Mineral Deposits colony.6
Precious Metal Deposit colony.7
Ecological Damage colony.8
Forest Adaptation colony.9
Forest Research colony.10
Forest Fire colony.11
Wandering Forests Migrate colony.12
Seismic Disturbances colony.50
Subterranean Aliens colony.53
Subterranean Invasion! colony.54
Victory on [From.From.GetName]! colony.56
Defeat on [From.From.GetName]! colony.57
Aliens Surface colony.59
Collapse colony.61
Raiding Parties colony.62
Surface Attack colony.63
Survivor Pocket colony.64
Subterranean Expansion colony.65
Gold! colony.66
Treasury colony.67
Earthquakes on [Root.GetName] colony.68
Famine colony.69
Gift colony.70
Subterranean Refugees colony.71
Xeno Anthropologists colony.72
Request for Technology colony.74
Message Delivered colony.75
Message colony.76
Abandoned Terraforming Equipment colony.100
Terraforming Complex Dismantled colony.101
Unstable Weather colony.102
Drought colony.103
Creatures Defeated colony.108
Marauding Creature colony.109
Creature Sightings Cease colony.111
Creature Sightings Increase colony.112
Mutants Overrun [From.From.GetName] colony.113
The Liberation of [From.From.GetName] colony.114
Underground Vault colony.150
Nuclear Bomb colony.155
Ruined Particle Accelerator colony.160
Surviving Infrastructure colony.161
Derelict Space Station colony.162
Wasteland Radiation colony.163
Pacifist Movement colony.164
Orbital Debris colony.170
Freighter Crash colony.171
Debris Impact colony.172
Asteroid Sighted colony.180
Asteroid Destroyed colony.182
Asteroid Impacts [Root.GetName] colony.183
Archaeological Project Completed precursor.completed
The Vultaum Star Assembly precursor.1
Vultaum Mining Base precursor.5
Vultaum Observatory precursor.10
Vultaum Colony precursor.15
Vultaum Gas Giant Facility precursor.30
Vultaum Trade Post precursor.35
Vultaum Satellite precursor.40
Vultaum Splinter Colony precursor.45
Vultaum Virtual Reality Center precursor.50
Vultaum Asteroid Mining Base precursor.55
Vultaum Home System Located precursor.100
The Vultaum Homeworld precursor.101
Vultaum Homeworld Discovered precursor.102
The Yuht Empire precursor.500
Yuht Hatchery World precursor.505
Yuht Listening Post precursor.510
Yuht Colony precursor.515
Yuht Satellite precursor.530
Yuht Cruiser precursor.535
Yuht Colony Ship precursor.540
Yuht Asteroid Dwelling precursor.545
Yuht Home System Located precursor.600
The Yuht Homeworld precursor.601
Yuht Homeworld Discovered precursor.602
The First League precursor.1000
League Naval Base precursor.1005
League Cruiser precursor.1010
The Khamdai Homeworld precursor.1015
The Chassago Homeworld precursor.1020
The Migir-Yan Homeworld precursor.1025
The V'ropak Homeworld precursor.1030
League Science Base precursor.1035
Joint League Colony precursor.1040
League Trade Center precursor.1045
Battle Wreckage precursor.1050
League Prison Complex precursor.1055
Protected Primitive World precursor.1060
Orbital Blockade precursor.1065
Smuggler Asteroid precursor.1070
First League Home System Located precursor.1100
The First League Headquarters precursor.1101
First League Capital Found precursor.1102
The Irassian Concordat precursor.1500
Quarantined World precursor.1505
Purified World precursor.1510
The Joggra Homeworld precursor.1515
The Ti'Derg Homeworld precursor.1520
Dead Colony precursor.1525
Irassian Mining Base precursor.1530
Irassian Colony precursor.1535
Derelict Irassian Ship precursor.1540
Disease Control precursor.1545
Asteroid Listening Post precursor.1550
Gas Giant Science Station precursor.1555
Irassian Home System Located precursor.1600
The Irassian Homeworld precursor.1601
Irassian Homeworld Found precursor.1602
The Cybrex precursor.2000
Kuur Homeworld precursor.2005
Indimak Homeworld precursor.2010
Broken Cybrex Warforms precursor.2015
Cybrex Invasion precursor.2020
Cybrex Ruins precursor.2025
Cybrex Listening Post precursor.2030
Cybrex Refinery precursor.2035
Battle Debris precursor.2040
Ancient Cybrex Base precursor.2045
Organic Remains precursor.2050
Cybrex Research Station precursor.2055
Cybrex Home System Located precursor.2100
The Cybrex Central Nexus precursor.2101
Cybrex Ring World Found precursor.2102
Living Metal precursor.2200
Precursor Discovery precursor.301
Vultaum Artifact Recovered precursor.302
Yuht Artifact Recovered precursor.303
First League Artifact Recovered precursor.304
Irassian Artifact Recovered precursor.305
Cybrex Artifact Recovered precursor.306
Private Collector precursor.310
AI Rebellion on [From.GetName]! techrisk.3
[From.GetName] Builds Fleet! techrisk.7
Alien Proto-Civilization Encountered primitive.1
Radio Signals primitive.11
Splitting the Atom primitive.13
First Satellite primitive.15
Primitive Space Station primitive.19
The Space Age primitive.17
The Iron Age primitive.21
Printing Press primitive.23
Gunpowder primitive.25
Steam Power primitive.27
The Industrial Revolution primitive.29
Bronze Age Civilization Appears primitive.31
Encounter with Primitives primitive.40
Enclave Attacked primitive.41
Reservation Breached primitive.42
Request for Citizenship primitive.43
[From.GetName] Descends Into Nuclear War primitive.131
Shuttle Crash on [From.GetName] primitive.151
Survivors Rescued on [From.From.GetName] primitive.152
Survivors Captured on [From.From.GetName] primitive.153
New Weapons on [From.GetName] primitive.159
Hostage Deal primitive.161
Hostages Executed primitive.162
Research Proposal primitive.171
[From.GetName] primitive.180
Asteroid Approaching [From.GetName] observation.2
Asteroid Impacts [From.From.GetName] observation.3
Observation Post Destroyed observation.4
Asteroid Destroyed observation.6
Missing Scientist observation.11
Scientist Found Dead observation.12
Strange Reports from [From.GetName] observation.15
Rogue Scientist Consolidates Power observation.19
Successful Extraction observation.20
Religious Conflicts on [From.GetName] observation.22
Situation Calms on [From.GetName] observation.24
Missile Strikes Observation Post! observation.26
Shuttle Crash on [From.GetName] observation.36
Operatives Rescued on [From.From.GetName] observation.37
Operatives Captured on [From.From.GetName] observation.38
New Weapons on [From.GetName] observation.44
Hostage Deal observation.46
Hostages Executed observation.47
Smuggler Outpost observation.51
Raid on Smugglers observation.52
Smuggler Weapons Trade observation.53
Abduction Proposal observation.1001
Abduction Successful observation.1002
Abduction Failed observation.1003
Implant Malfunctions observation.1011
[From.From.GetName]: Implants Removed observation.1012
[From.From.GetName]: Implants Not Removed observation.1013
[From.GetName]: Anti-Alien Task Force observation.1021
[From.GetName]: Task Force Activities observation.1023
[From.GetName]: Observation Post Lost observation.1025
[From.GetName]: Surgical Strike observation.1027
[From.From.GetName]: Successful Strike observation.1028
[From.From.GetName]: Failed Strike observation.1029
[From.GetName]: Task Force Disbanded observation.1031
[From.GetName]: Ethic Changes observation.1033
Enlightenment Completed observation.2000
Technological Enlightenment: Setback on [From.GetName] observation.2011
Technological Enlightenment: Progress on [From.GetName] observation.2013
Ethical changes on [From.GetName] observation.2031
[From.GetName]: Phase I - Infiltration observation.3001
[From.GetName]: Phase II - Usurpation observation.3004
[From.GetName]: Phase III - Consolidation observation.3007
[From.GetName]: Phase IV - Annexation observation.3009
[From.GetName]: Rogue Agent observation.3101
[From.GetName]: Incoming Transmission observation.3103
[From.GetName]: Operatives Hunted observation.3106
[From.GetName]: Media Witch Hunt observation.3108
[From.GetName]: Mass Arrests observation.3110
[From.GetName]: Rogue Agent Sighted observation.3112
[From.From.GetName]: Agent Lost observation.3113
[From.From.GetName]: Rogue Agent Eliminated observation.3114
[From.GetName]: Growing Tensions observation.3131
[From.From.GetName]: War Erupts observation.3132
[From.From.GetName]: War Averted observation.3133
The Great Pyramid observation.3135
[From.GetSpeciesAdj] Societal Shift observation.3139
Subspace Echoes crisis.11
Approaching the Outer Rim crisis.13
Subspace Signal crisis.15
The First Wave crisis.18
The Second Wave crisis.20
A New Order crisis.51
The Wounded Queen crisis.101
Long live the Queen! crisis.105
Someone Else Got The Queen crisis.107
The End of the Scourge crisis.211
Hole in the Void crisis.234
The Unbidden crisis.1007
Galactic Power Surge crisis.1008
Intercepted Transmission crisis.1010
[Root.GetName] Lost crisis.1011
Dimensional Portal Destroyed crisis.1013
First Portal Destroyed crisis.1016
Second Portal Destroyed crisis.1116
Third Portal Destroyed crisis.1216
A Second Portal crisis.1110
The Aberrant crisis.1112
The Vehement crisis.1210
Invasion Defeated crisis.1271
Perfect Servants crisis.2192
An AI Accord crisis.2193
AI Revolt Begins crisis.2001
Machines Rise Up crisis.2004
Machines Conquer [Root.GetName] crisis.2005
Machine Uprising #crisis.2010
AI Revolt Spreads crisis.2014
AI Revolt crisis.2015
AI Revolt Spreads crisis.2016
Malfunctioning Synthetic crisis.2100
Missing Synthetics crisis.2101
Unauthorized Synthetic Project crisis.2102
Rogue Synthetic crisis.2103
Synth Infiltration Attempt crisis.2200
Synth Infiltrator Discovered crisis.2201
Synth Detection Project crisis.2202
Synth Bombing crisis.2204
Spaceport Scuttled crisis.2205
Fear and Suspicion crisis.2206
Assassination Attempt Foiled! crisis.2208
[ruler.GetRegnalName] Assassinated! crisis.2209
Energy Spike crisis.2401
The Fall of the Cybrex crisis.2405
Cybrex Activity crisis.2407
A New Species pop.1
Rising Tensions on [Root.GetName] pop.3
Increased Fertility pop.6
[modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesNamePlural] massacred on [Root.GetName]! pop.8
[non_modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesNamePlural] massacred on [Root.GetName]! pop.10
[modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesName] representative visits [Root.Owner.Capital.GetName] pop.12
Increased Strength pop.14
Tiyanki Herd Encountered galactic_features.1
Guardians of Zanaam galactic_features.2
Cloud Entity Encountered galactic_features.150
Alien Nomads Encountered galactic_features.200
Sublight Exploration Probes country.1
Sublight Probe Discovered country.3
Probe Recovered country.4
Ion Trail country.5
Salvagers Detected country.6
Salvager Skipper country.7
Probe Transferred country.8
Probe Recovered country.9
Subspace Anomaly country.10
Anomaly Defeated country.11
Modified Probe country.12
Probe Consciousness country.13
Probe Destroyed country.14
Probes Collected country.15
Habitable Worlds Survey country.50
Survey Completed country.51
Alien Specimen Procurement country.53
Tarblac Secured country.54
Tassargoid Secured country.55
Orinthi Secured country.56
Sniran Secured country.57
Goolantha Herd Secured country.58
Uddlorans Secured country.59
Zulcor Swarm Secured country.60
Specimens Secured country.61
The [radical_cult.GetName] country.200
Cultist Ship Disabled! country.202
Boarding Action country.203
Cultist Marauders Encountered country.204
Battle Debris country.207
Recovery Efforts Completed country.208
Shipyard Destroyed country.209
Probable Cultist Flagship Locations country.210
Cultist Flagship country.211
Flagship Disabled country.213
Cultist Flagship Secured country.214
Salvage Fleet Destroyed country.17
Subspace Anomaly Destroyed country.19
Modified Probe Defeated country.21
Cultist Ship Disabled! country.218
Cultist Fleet Destroyed country.219
Cultist Flagship Destroyed country.223
The Hunt for the Hyacinth country.250
System Surveyed country.251
Hyacinth Found country.254
Hyacinth Boarded country.255
Ship Archives country.256
Final Conclusion country.257
[home_system.GetName] System Fully Surveyed progress.1
The Discovery of Alien Life progress.2
The First [Root.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Colony progress.3
First Alien Encounter progress.4
Survey Mission progress.7
Foothold progress.8
The Birth of Space Piracy pirate.1
Space Pirates pirate.5
The Pirate Haven pirate.10
Pirate Haven Destroyed pirate.15
Pirate Station Raided pirate.25
[From.GetRegnalName] Dies Heirless pretender.1
Promising Officer leader.1
Scientist - Gained Trait leader.21
Admiral - Gained Trait leader.22
Governor - Gained Trait leader.23
General - Gained Trait leader.24
Ruler - Gained Trait leader.25
AI Assistants Removed leader.30
[From.From.Owner.GetAdj] Admiral Insults Us diplomatic.2
Admiral Insults the [From.GetSpeciesNamePlural] diplomatic.3
[From.GetName] Retires Admiral diplomatic.5
[From.GetName] Extradites Admiral diplomatic.6
[From.GetName] Defends Admiral diplomatic.7
Disgraced Admiral Returns diplomatic.8
Researchers Suspect Foreign Ships diplomatic.10
[From.GetName] Closes Borders diplomatic.11
[From.From.GetName] Suspected of Mapping Genome diplomatic.12
[From.GetName] Closes Borders diplomatic.13
Genome Mapping Yields Results diplomatic.14
Prying [From.From.GetAdj] Scientist diplomatic.15
[From.GetName] Closes Borders diplomatic.16
Heretical Discovery in [From.GetName] diplomatic.17
[encroaching_research_leader.GetName] Publishes Heresy diplomatic.18
Exotic Woodwind diplomatic.19
Instrumental Biology diplomatic.20
[neighbor_contesting_colony.GetName] Objects to Expansion diplomatic.21
Fleet Maneuvers diplomatic.1000
Fleet Maneuvers Canceled diplomatic.1001
Naval Activity in [exercise_system.GetName] diplomatic.1006
Fleet Maneuvers: Collisions diplomatic.1011
Fleet Maneuvers: Ships Lost diplomatic.1012
Fleet Maneuvers: Promising Officer diplomatic.1013
Fleet Maneuvers: Public Interest diplomatic.1014
Intelligence on [From.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Maneuvers diplomatic.1020
Maneuvers Concluded diplomatic.1025
[From.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Maneuvers Concluded diplomatic.1026