Published 17 November, 2022

How to Use the Research Cheat

You're researching how to research.. neat.

In Stellaris, technology must first be researched before it can be made and used. If you don't want to wait around for research to happen (i.e. advance all research to 100% progress), or want to unlock a certain piece of technology without attaining all requirements (like the cost, etc) - the research cheat is what you're looking for. This guide teaches you the following things:

If you don't know how to open or use the Stellaris console, check out this guide first.

How to Speed Up Research

As we're sure you're aware, research in Stellaris takes time. Thankfully Stellaris has a console command to skip the research time on technology - the finish_research command.

The finish research command takes no arguments, all you have to do is enter the following text into the console and hit ENTER :


It should be noted that this only progresses everything that's being researched at the moment in time to 100%. Any technology research that is started after executing the above command will progress at a usual rate. All you'd need to do to instantly finish that research is execute the command again.

How to Research a Specific Piece of Technology

If you'd like to instantly research a specific piece of technology, you can use the research technology command. This command takes one argument: the technology ID for the piece of technology you wish to research. If you're asking yourself the question "what on Earth is a technology ID?" - well, this is Stellaris, you're thinking about the wrong planet; a technology ID is simply a unique code assigned to every piece of technology in the game. For example, the tech ID of Battleships is tech_battleships and for Planetary Defenses it's tech_planetary_defenses . Check out our technology IDs page, on which we have compiled a list containing all tech IDs currently in the game (over 400!).

Once you have found out the technology ID of the technology you wish to research (see our tech ID list), all you need to do is add it as an argument to the research_technology command. The ID for the Giga Cannon is 'tech_mass_accelerator_2', you'd use the following command to research it:

research_technology tech_mass_accelerator_2

That's really all there is to it. For more help see this page.

How to Use the Research All Cheat

If researching one piece of technology just isn't enough for you - the research all command is what you're looking for. The command accepts two arugments - an argument to specify whether to research all creature and crisis technology and an argument to specify whether to research all repeatable technologies.

To research everything, including all creature, crisis and repeatable tech, run the following command:

research_all_technologies 1 1

If you want to research only non-repeatable tech that isn't creature or crisis technology, run the following command:


The two other ways the research all command can be executed are:

  • research_all_technologies 0 1 - to research all repeatable tech that isn't creature/crisis technology
  • research_all_technologies 1 0 - to research all non-repeatable technology, including creature and crisis tech

If you're looking to learn about other commands in Stellaris, check out our console commands list which includes detailed help for every command in the game!

Stellaris Console Commands

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