Stellaris War Goals List

A searchable list of all war goals in Stellaris, along with their IDs for use in cheats and console commands. For help using these cheat codes, please see the war command help page.

Name ID / Cheat Code
Conquer wg_conquest
Liberate wg_liberation
Vassalize wg_subjugation
Make Tributary wg_tribute
Humiliate wg_humiliation
Impose Ideology wg_force_ideology
Humiliate (Fallen Empires) wg_fe_humiliation
Stop Atrocities (Fallen Empires) wg_fe_stop_atrocities
Cleanse Holy Worlds (Fallen Empires) wg_fe_cleanse_holy_worlds
Decontaminate Border Territories (Fallen Empires) wg_fe_cleanse_border_worlds
Outlaw AI (Fallen Empires) wg_fe_stop_ai
Domination wg_ae_domination
End Threat wg_end_threat
Cleansing wg_cleansing
Assimilation wg_assimilation
Absorption wg_absorption
War in Heaven wg_war_in_heaven
Machine Uprising wg_machine_uprising
Independence wg_independence
Assert Overlordship wg_assert_overlordship
Plunder wg_plunder
Total War wg_colossus
Stop Colossus wg_end_threat_colossus